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In 1992 we took over production of the aquatic plants being produced by Santa Barbara Water Garden Nursery when it closed. This nursery on Mountain Drive up in the foothills of Santa Barbara was a great resource for anyone with ponds or wet areas in their garden. Santa Barbara Water Garden Nursery was launched in 1980 by Barbara Dobbins and Stevie Sheatsley and managed by Virgina Hayes, who later became a partner in their business. The nursery closed when Virginia took the job as curator at Madam Ganna Walska Lotusland where she worked until retiring in 2017. When they closed the nursery Viginia asked us to continue growing their aquatic plant line. Though San Marcos Growers prided itself on growing plants for dry California gardens, we recognized that even in these gardens could have a small pond where such plants could be planted. We continued to grow many Water Lilies and other submerged aquatic plants until 2009, and for years after this we continued to grow pond peripheral plants that we included on or Bog List.

Boggy Down - Plants for the edge of the pond.

Nymphaea - Water Lilies at San Marcos Growers.

Garden Maker Pots - Great pots for a small water garden.

Water Garden Links - Visit these other sites for more water garden information

Water Gardening - A great book on watergardening is available from Timber Press

  Water Gardening at San Marcos Growers
Aquatic Plants
Natural water gardening at Zaca Lake
Water Gardening has hit it big in Santa Barbara. Even if you don't have a "pond" the size of Zaca Lake - Santa Barbara Countys's only natural lake - you can "water garden" using smaller ponds or even containers. San Marcos Growers is pleased to offer a diverse line of plants for ponds, bogs and fountains. We also manufacture a large pot that is suitable as a small pond of fountain. We feel that by using a very limited area within the garden for a pond or fountain, a feeling of cool lushness is achieved without requiring copious amounts of water, a precious resource in the dry California garden. This type of planting is sometimes referred to as an oasis within the garden.